Jackie Elliott’s Column


By Jackie Elliott

KCDC Councillors have been presented with the Kapiti Concerned Citizens  ‘Vote of No Confidence” signed by 2000 residents.

The Vote statement says: “We the undersigned, citizens of Kapiti wish to express a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in Kapiti Coast District Council.

We call for the immediate resignation of all elected members of Council including the Mayor Jenny Rowan.”

Fresh election wanted

The statement also says: “We request the immediate resignations and a fresh election.

We believe the above are in breach of their oath of office as elected by the ratepayers of Kapiti.”

The presentation was made to this week’s council meeting by me (as chair of KCC) and Mike Rodwell, President of the Nelson Residents Association. Mr Rodwell, a former Nelson Councillor came to Kapiti for the meeting with anti-water meter campaigner Rick Miller.

During the presentation in public speaking time, Mayor Jenny Rowan asked, “ What do you want me to do with this after I accept it”

I replied that due to the Mayor’s breaking her promise ‘Not to ignore’ the 8012 signatures in the petition for a referendum on water meters, she could not be trusted with the Vote of No confidence, and instead, Mr Rodwell handed it to the Council CEO, Pat Dougherty.

Mr Miller, had intended to pick up a large scrapbook of news items relating to Pat Dougherty’s 12-year career in Nelson City Council, where he was Water Services Manager ( and then Deputy CEO). During the installation of water meters in that district. However, representatives from another of Kapiti’s  lobby groups were allowed to borrow it.

Coastal erosion speakers

Two speakers also made presentations on the Coastal Erosion Hazard Report. One of them, Mr Jeff Ashby, a scientist, was invited to attend a public meeting hosted by KCDC on the 1st of November. This meeting will also be attended by the report”s writer, Mr Shand.

Public speaking time was delayed for over an hour due to the unexpected arrival of the Right Hon David Carter, Minister for Local Government who spoke on the Local Government reforms in progress.

After answering questions from Council members, the Minister was assured by the Mayor that democracy was well and alive here in Kapiti and that all was well.

The Minister was then ushered quickly to his car during a recess although many in the near full public gallery wished to speak to him.




Hi Jackie, I have heard a ‘little’ about what you are passionate about from Steve. I received your flyer in the post and want you to know that I like and admire what you are trying to do and you definitely have my vote. You go gurl!!!
Kind regards,
Tracy Bateman

Hi Merran, Good to see your letter and to know you are on the ball as usual.
The Press please themselves what they choose to write when there are several items of interest on the Council Order Paper.
Also not much gets reported from the Public speaker’s section nowadays.
On the whole I think Joel from the Observer does a good job.
We don’t know what stories were turned downed by the Editor.

Take care. Hope to see you soon in the Public Gallery.
Cheers, Betty

Betty, I agree with Jackie.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilence: reporters are there to report, not to edit their comments: maybe the editor removed comments about the petition: a petition of 2000 in Kapiti is newsworthy by any standards.
Failure of the paper to report it to local readers shows a bias which makes all stories in the paper less credible.
I have noticed an increase in lighter less controversial reportage and journalism in the Observer and other Fairfax papers recently as the format makeover has changed. In this internet age we need to access news from a number of sources to get an all round idea of issues.
Its good we have two independent online local papers to air our views in. One can only trust the long arm of council does not extend that far.

We have a FREE Press, Jackie. The reporter chose to write a story on the Minister of Local Government’s visit to KCDC; and the info that Hon D Parker gave on the Local Government Amendment Bill’s delayed progress because the Select committee had not reported back to Parliament. This has ramifications for any amalgamation or Super City being in existence next year.

I am really shocked at the reporting of the KCDC meeting of 4th of October in today’s Kapiti Observer.
Was their reporter at a different meeting? NO
The public of Kapiti must ask the Kapiti Observer why they chose NOT to print mention of 2000 Kapiti residents submitting a Vote of No Confidence in the KCDC elected members and asking them to resign immediatly.
Is this not newsworthy?
What sort of a FREE mass public media is the KO?