It’s The Season For Planting


Story Roger Childs, Photos by Steve Aiken

Friends of the Wharemauku Stream stalwart, Tony Fraei, in action last month

It might not be the greatest of weather, but the blossoms are coming out and the lawns are growing.

Around the Kapiti area, the 20+ conservation groups have been busy doing their annual planting. The Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC), is to be congratulated on the backing it gives these groups and the planting it does itself.

In Queen Elizabeth Park last month several thousand seedlings, flaxes and shrubs were embedded in the soil.

On a smaller scale, there has been action near the Wharemauku Stream.

Starting on a new bank

The Friends of the Wharemauku Stream have spent their last two Sunday afternoon sessions planting along a bank that runs at right angles north from the Ihakara Street bridge.

Busy on the bank: top – Ben Tristram, Jim Hammonds, Lara Aiken; on the slope – Gordon Dickson, Lyall Perris, Jack McAllister, Tony Fraei; bottom – Tony Farmer.

The group has had great support from KCDC Biodiversity Officer Rob Cross, and Council worker Lawrence, who digs the holes and delivers the plants, sleeves, carpet squares, fertiliser pellets and stakes.

The transformation of the bank will be on-going!