Italian Couple Tandem Round The World

Alessandro and Stefania

We love the Kiwi unique landscapes and the hospitality of the cycling community! Stefania Sposato

From Firenze (Florence) to Kaitoke and beyond

Just 30,000km so far, but more to come!

The friendly Fiorentini, Stefania, and Alessandro Maccarrone, set out from Firenze in 2014 and won’t be home until 2020.

So far they have crossed through the Balkans, on the Silk Road through the Central Asian republics and China, down through Southeast Asia and around the South Island.

They will spend a year in New Zealand and then another 12 months across the Tasman.


On a tandem bike with all the gear

Our group near where we first met the Italians

A group of us met them at the start of the Rimutaka Rail trail and joined then for lunch at the summit. Theirs is an amazing story of extensive travel on a tandem bike.

Starting in Central Italy they have travelled through:

~ Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey

~ Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China

~ Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In the South Island they started in Christchurch and went north to Nelson and Marlborough. Then they went over both the Lewis Pass and the Arthurs Pass, down via Fairlie to Central Otago and on to Oamaru and Dunedin.

More in the North Island

After we said goodbye, they were on their way to Masterton. After that it would be through Manawatu Gorge to Palmerston North and on to Taupo.

In the Bay of Plenty/Coromandel they would be working for a while, before continuing on to Auckland and beyond.

Stefania and Alessandro have been very impressed with the different New Zealand environments they’ve passed through and with the friendly people they have meet along the way.

What a great way to see the world and be able to appreciate the scenery at a gentle pace.