Insights From Knowing The Watson Family

Every now and then we get a detailed Comment which warrants turning into an article. Alan Mountford has followed up on our Scott Watson story (See January 4) and puts his perspective from knowing the Watson family.

A friend of the family

The missing couple

By Alan Mountford

I met the Watson family, including Scott about 17 years before this event occurred.

We became good friends over the years.

Yes – Scott got into a bit of trouble in his teenage years – not really any different to a lot of other young guys though.

Getting into boat building and sailing

But then he pulled himself together and built a 26 foot steel sloop in his parents back yard.

Having built one yacht and restored another I can tell you it takes time!, dedication and a lot of effort to stick with it to completion. Then he sailed that boat some way up the west coast of the North Island, then up the East Coast to Whangarei – all single handed.

I was living in Whangarei on my boat at the time and I spent some time with him and the young lady he met there.

Sorting the men from the boys

He then sailed single handed to Tauranga where his sister joined him for the passage back to Picton.

On entering Cook straight they were hit by a bad storm – 40 knots+ of wind. It took them two days of bashing into it to get to Picton.

I can tell you from experience that you need a lot of courage and guts and really have your wits about you to cope with doing things like that.

The conditions on the NZ coast certainly sorts out the men from the boys!!

Scott Watson was framed

So with knowing Scott and his family well I have been privy to a lot of went on during and after the trial that the public are only getting to know about.

Scott has absolutely NOTHING to do with Ben and Olivia’s disappearance! The police framed him!

Private investigation has revealed that the Mystery Ketch was a drug boat and operating between NZ and New Caledonia.

Mike Kalaugher when he was doing his research to write the book Marlborough Mystery said to me one day “This case has drugs written all over it”!

Pope had been head of the Drug Squad in NZ and to protect the drug industry he denied that the Ketch existed, and focused on Scott as a scapegoat.

Sadly left Ben and Olivia to their fate at the hands of the drug dealers.

And a final comment after publication…

Alan Mountford says: ‘Thank you Kapiti Independent for having the guts to tell it like it is with regard to the Scott Watson Case.
Best report of all the media accounts I have seen to date.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I doubt I would have ever believed the level of corruption that went on with the police, Justice system and government in this case.

I hope there will be a Royal Commission of Enquiry with wide ranging powers to seriously look into the way police and justice system handled this case.
If that happens expect to see a real fireworks display with heads rolling everywhere!!

Far too many innocent people have been stitched up in NZ for crimes they never committed. Time for it to end!’


Mike Kalaugher is wrong on his assumption of not guilty. I am 99.9% positive I have all the “truth” and …no one cares, as it would discredit all the “fake news” put out by books, documentaries, etc. & the police. “Watchin You!”
About 4-6 weeks after the happening…it was all there…the ketch, the mystery man and the most likely whereabouts of the bodies.

Gerald – Mike Kalaugher HAS got the story correct.
Scott Watson is 100% innocent!!
I met Mike and his wife as a result of this case and can tell you he is a straight up, honest man!!

The boat Ben and Olivia boarded has been shown by private independent investigation to be a drug boat that was running between NZ and New Caledonia. It’s name is also known.

Pope being head of the Drug Squad was up to his eyeballs in what was going on – and used Scott as a scapegoat to hide the drug trade in NZ.
That is why he denied that the ketch existed.
To chase the ketch would have exposed the drug trade – and they couldn’t allow that to happen.

I’ll wager 100,ooo dollars that Scott is innocent.
I made that wager to Ian Wishart about a year or more ago, and guess what – he has never taken me up on it.

The people who were on that Ketch that evening hold the key to solving what happened to Ben and Olivia.

What a great article ..i would just like to say thank you for telling the truth ..subscribing 🙂

Good on you KIN for highlighting this gross injustice. NZ Police have much explaining to do.