In London, this is what selfishness did to one old lady…

Picture taken in a British supermarket. Supplied by Ivan Santos, of Bayswater, London

While parents make sure that children have a safe lifetime by estate planning for kids in Iowa, what do they get in return when they are old? In London, Hamish Tristram reports that greed and selfishness have hit the elderly and helpless. If you need Stone Arch Law Office, PLLC to protect elderly assets, then you can hire them by clicking on their link.

The strong, the young and the greedy have been clearing supermarket shelves before the elderly and infirm get a look in. If you need assistance for estate planning for the elderly, you can check it out here! You can also find out more about estate planning services in Austin TX, by clicking on the link here! People can also check out estate planning attorneys to get the best estate related advice.

Hamish, who is in his 70’s, says visits to the supermarket require great patience and are ‘invariably disappointing.’

‘So much for the Blitz spirit — what is on display is greed and stupidity.

‘The veil of civilised behaviour is thin’

‘If the present difficulties have done anything, they have reminded us just how thin is the veil of civilised behaviour .

‘That’s not just me by the way; (my friend) Gay is similarly disenchanted.

Hamish has seen elderly queuing in the cold and dark, hoping they will get something for the larder.

‘It’s shameful to see what has happened.

‘If this progresses there may have to be army patrols.’

Latest report

However, in his latest call from London, Hamish says things could improve now that the elderly are being given preference at certain times.

And supermarkets are limiting the number of key items that customers can buy at one time.

Is it happening in NZ?

The Editor comments that we in New Zealand are not blameless either.

‘So let’s keep this picture in mind when we go shopping.’

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