Imported Labour To Help Build Expressway?

They (Fletcher Construction) will be able to draw on the local knowledge and expertise built through the Mackays to Peka Peka project and it will provide continuity of relationships for both the Council and the Kāpiti Coast community. Kapiti Mayor, K Gurunathan

Peka Peka to Otaki All Go

(Source NZTA)
(Source NZTA)

 By Roger Childs

With the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway due to open in a few weeks, the extension north is set to start with the contract now let.

Fletchers were the logical company to get the job, having successfully managed the build through to Peka Peka.

It is believed that they may employ some Fijians to help fill the shortfall in labour.

Benefits from the extension

The section from Peka Peka to Otaki will be 13km long and a relatively easy build on flat or undulating land. It is expected to be completed by the middle of 2020, about the same time as the Transmission Gully link from Mackays to Tawa.

Nathan Guy is pleased.
Nathan Guy is pleased.

This will mean that vehicles will be able to drive at open speed limits on a four lane system from North of Otaki to Wellington.

The new section will bypass downtown Otaki and MP Nathan Guy, says that this will help remove one of the worst traffic choke-points in the lower North Island.

There have been concerns expressed that the factory shops and cafes in Otaki will suffer. People taking a positive view, say that Otaki will still be a destination for many wanting to go there.

The Taupo economy has not declined, despite the airport to Wairakei highway allowing through traffic to by-pass the town. Furthermore, the absence of big trucks grinding through the lakeside resort has been a big plus.

Features of the Peka Peka-Otaki link

A sketch of the proposed four lane Otaki River bridge (Source NZTA)
A sketch of the proposed four lane Otaki River bridge (Source NZTA)
  • an overbridge at Te Horo to link School Road and Gear Road with Te Horo Beach Road
  • an overpass just north of Ōtaki allowing the old SH1 to pass over the expressway and railway
  • Ōtaki railway realignment
  • a vehicle overbridge at Rahui Road crossing the Expressway and the railway line
  • a four-lane Ōtaki River bridge to be located east of the Ōtaki River rail bridge
  • an overbridge at Taylors Road to improve safety.

KCDC Otaki Councillor, James Cootes, says the project is very positive for the district. The expressway/bypass will relieve the traffic congestion experienced by many and help cement Otaki as the destination it has become. It’s exciting times ahead.