Ian Linning Joins KIN

Ian Linning hr 4Top Photographer Joins KIN Team

Hi,I’m Ian Linning, Managing Director of PrimoFoto.

I’ve enjoyed a lifetime interest in Photography which has been enhanced by the introduction of digital technology and associated software. I’m an Electrical Engineer by profession.

My career experiences in Telecommunications Engineering and Corporate Management have provided me with an ability to quickly understand the benefits of using quality images to effectively communicate to a target audience.

I have also spent a significant part of my life living and working in a variety of international locations and this experience has provided me with the insight and skills necessary to effectively work with a diversity of cultures and peoples, not to mention the life skills required to effectively “survive” in the diversity of environments which exist in places like, Hanoi, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai and Bangkok.

PrimoFoto was started  in April 2009, primarily to serve the local and regional market on the Kapiti Coast and also across New Zealand, however my international work experience enables to be effective in diverse geographies and cultures. While my principle focus is on Commercial engagements, I am also available for private work.

Primofoto’s strategic pillars of business success are:-

  • Image and Service Quality
  • Exceeding Client Expectations
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  •  Responsiveness

To realise these pillars, we have invested in state of the art imaging systems and established collaborative relationships with suppliers who share our uncompromising focus on producing the best image quality we can to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our equipment can be deployed effectively in studio or field locations including client premises.

Image processing and digital editing is undertaken primarily on Apple computers, and we also have windows based systems at our disposal. Our Image Processing Services include:-

  • Image repair and restoration
  • Image manipulation
  • Retouching
  • Image archiving
  • Slide shows(with audio)

We currently have in excess of 9 Tbytes of archival storage for client images and can deliver your requirements of a variety of media.
If we can assist by providing your image requirements, please complete the inquiry form or call me directly on 027 297 9302