HRH Ruru?

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From Jim Webber

‘Editor Arana, tena koe

How excellent it would be, a future king with a Maori name!

Perhaps one of our iconic names like Kahu for a chiefly hawk, or Ruru, Tanemahuta, Kereru or even Waka which would keep him safe on moananui. 

Alas we have a post-colonial history of transliteration so that the current favourites of the British bookies would be Hori, Hemi or Arekahanara.

Royal history is dotted with names that could make the move – Arapeti (Alfred) and Arapeta (Albert), Hare (Charles) and Eruera (Edward), Henare and Hone, Wiremu and Riki (probably unlikely, since Riki IV would incur memories of the poor prince, son of Eruera IV, who was mewed up in the Tower by his Lord Protector, King Riki III).

Some fine Kiwi names mark notable happenings.  Thus Zack, in someone of appropriate age and family, could well mean Anzac and a possibly sad memory of a father who fought for king and country.

Similarly Gallipoli, occasionally noted as a first name.  Had the new Royal been born in shaky Wellington on Sunday evening then naming him Ruwhenua would have indicated a seismic expectation of his future life.

We’d probably be in trouble with iconic Maori names.  Other countries would produce competing suggestions – who knows what the Aussies might dream up?

And it could give the republican movement a new tool to sharpen.


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