Howarth Block Potential

Our vision is to create a world class sports and recreational facility for multiple sports and for people of all ages and abilities, from novice to elite level, while at the same time catering for vast numbers of recreational users. The Kapiti Sports Circuit Group

A far-sighted move

By Roger Childs

Howarth Block kidsThe acquisition of a large area of land south of the Waikanae River was one of the best actions of the last council. The block was specifically bought for the development of sporting facilities for the growing Kapiti community. Some of the land has already being turned into sports fields and 4500 plants were recently bedded in by council staff along the western side.

However the development of the area is in its infancy and KCDC is seeking public submissions on how the potential of the Howarth Block can be realised. The deadline for submissions is Friday August 1. (See further details below.)

Huge potential for development

The 60 hectares in East Otaihanga offers the Council and the wider Kapiti community huge opportunities to establish a multi-purpose sports centre which can cater for a wide variety of interests.

Howarth BlockIn addition to summer and winter sports played on grass, facilities could include

~ indoor tennis courts

~ netball courts

~ indoor facilities for badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other sports

~ a short rowing course

~ a stadium for major sporting events.

This is an opportunity for blue sky thinking and wish listing. It’s a big chunk of land and clearly a large number of sports can be accommodated. Hopefully this potential sports hub will attract corporate sponsors to help finance the unfolding development.

The transformation of Howarth Block will be a gradual and evolutionary process, however at this point KCDC just want a range of ideas on the table.

The 3km circuit proposal

Kapiti 5kmThe Kapiti Running & Tri Club could hold our duathlons and 5K races there, plus it would provide a safe training facility for both running and cycling. It would potentially also be a great venue for regional or even national road events. Bryn Kempthorne, President Kapiti Running and Tri Club 

The idea of the circuit is to provide a safe environment for a range of sports which use tracks. Only a small part of the block would be needed to set up a 3km configuration of paved surface which would not be accessible to vehicles. The circuit could also be designed to allow three or four sports to use it at once if necessary.

Sports that would benefit from having a dedicated circuit include inline skating, cycling, running, walking, duathlons, paralympic activities. It would also be an excellent venue for events such as the Relay for Life.

Put in a submission!

Many of you will have helped to pay for the Howarth Block through your rates, so make sure you have your say on what might be done in the area.

Submissions need to be marked ‘Draft reserve management plan’ and can be:

The closing date for submissions is 4pm, Friday 1 August 2014.