Tearing Your Hair Out

By Paula Burkett
26th November 2011


Losing your hair can be a perplexing situation, especially if you are young and emotionally attached to your crowning glory. The average person has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head. Blondes have the most, followed by brunettes, then redheads.

The first signs of hair loss are generally noticed when styling your hair.  A parting may become as severe as the parting of the Red Sea, – with no chance of recovery. There can be several reasons for hair loss. It can be hereditary, reaction to medication, an illness, stress, or some other reason, – but the big question is, how do you deal with it? -The answer to this question is probably about as difficult to solve as “what is the meaning of life!” If there were a quick and easy remedy we would be rushing out in droves to obtain it, – right after we halt the aging process and find a cure for every illness!

There are several alternatives but it really comes down to personal preference as to which solution will work best for you. There are several hair recovery preparations and solutions available on the market today. Some have questionable results. Do your research, as many are expensive and promise more than they generally deliver. Hair transplant methods can achieve desirable results but be prepared for a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure.

You may choose the age old method of hiding your baldness under a baseball cap, this may work well during the day but isn’t entirely successful when it comes to the dinner table and bedtime. A baseball cap and p.js. are not often classed as haute couture unless you happen to be a Rapper. Also if you are in the early stages of a relationship your new girlfriend may find it somewhat alarming when you whip off your cap to suddenly reveal that between your flowing locks hiding under that cap there are bare patches of skin.

There are some very authentic looking wigs and hair pieces available now. These can work especially well for those who have endured the horrors of cancer treatments or suffer from alopecia.  There are also stylish turbans and hats that you might prefer.

When looking at wigs, make sure you buy from a reputable retailer if you want your wig to look like real hair, (and not like something that crawled onto your head and died in the night.)

For the average male afflicted with male pattern baldness (MPB), the age old question seems to be “to shave or not to shave?” The general consensus seems to show a trend toward completely shaving the head, – and in most cases this is a desirable option.

I think most would agree the comb-over is not a good option and, (to quote Michael Jackson), “It really isn’t fooling anyone other than the man in the mirror”. The comb-over doesn’t weather well in high winds either, no matter how many styling products you use to cement it down!

Find what works for you and embrace your individuality. It would be a boring old world if we all looked the same!

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