Hobson’s Pledge Holds Successful Session

He iwi tahi tatou – We are now one nation. Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson to each chief after he had signed the Treaty of Waitangi

Over 100 get the message in Waikanae

By Andy Oakley

Hobson’s Pledge had a successful meeting in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast, April 3rd 2017.

The Waikanae Community Hall which held 160 was about 2/3rds full with most people in the over 40 age group, which is fairly much as expected.

Journalist Richard Harmen was there taking photos and posted a fairly neutral report on Scoop.

Supporting the cause

Jordan Williams, of the Taxpayer Union and affiliated to Democracy in Action was there and asked a pertinent question: What is the most important thing members of the audience can do to help?

Which allowed Don Brash to respond with donations would be most useful as we have a marketing campaign to pay for.

Books available on a range of issues

John McLean of Tross Publishing attended and had a number of relevant books for sale, including

  • Cannons Creek to Waitangi by Andy Oakley
  • Tribes Treaty, Money, Power by Mike Butler
  • When Two Cultures Collide by John Robinson
  • One Treaty One Nation (many of the co-authors were there such as: Don Brash, Hugh Barr, Mike Butler, John Robinson.)

Questioners include one detractor

Don Brash was a keynote speaker

Questions were mostly positive with only one detractor who was finally silenced by the chair, Andy Oakley, after plenty of time had been given for him to deliver his message.

He seemed to want to argue with Don Brash mostly about Don’s use of the word “egalitarian” and also that the treaty was some sort of partnership.

All in all the organisers were pleased with the outcome and Casey’s and Don’s speeches were very well received by a welcoming audience.