‘Hit and Run’ Inquiry Now!

Mandy Hager’s film — Kiwis must demand inquiry into SAS and civilian deaths in Afghanistan

By Alan Tristram

KIN columnist Mandy Hager has given our readers the chance to see a new video exposing the SAS’s part in the deaths of  six innocent Afghan civilians, and the

‘Hit and Run’ — Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson expose a terrible war crime in Afghanistan

wounding 0f 15 others, in a raid seven years ago.

Numerous Army and Government cover-ups have prevented the public knowing the facts — and our Government is still refusing to order an independent inquiry. Here’s Mandy Hager’s introduction.

Mandy Hager

A short guide to a war crime involving NZ secret forces

By Mandy Hager

This film is a short guide for those who haven’t read the book or were confused by the Defence Force denials at their song and dance show!

See the video below.

As TV 3 is about to launch a new documentary covering some of these issues (next Monday night 9.30 ‘The Valley’), I thought now was a good time to remind people what the issues are.Please feel free to share this news as far and wide as possible.

See the video now — htpps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEdQQT4BF2o

A commemoration of the attack on innocent villagers will be held at the Cenotaph, Wellington, on Tuesday, August 22nd at 12.30, with various speakers.
With grateful thanks to Waka Attewell, Ken Saville, Steve La Hood, Abi King Jones and Nicky Hager.