Heroes Of Our Hospitals — We Say ‘Pay The Nurses All They Deserve’

Alan Tristram reports: ‘I’ve just spent five days in the Plastics Ward of Hutt Hospital and come away with even greater respect and admiration for the nurses.

I think Grant Robertson and Jacinda Ardern should immediately give the nurses their back pay settlement (which they’d originally been expecting).

The dozens of nurses I saw in action are beyond praise.

Not only do they provide wotrld-class care. They also cope with abusive and nasty patients,.

After my six-hour operation for a neck cancer, I remember hearing a chap in a near-by room screaming loudly in pain, then repeatedly shouting ‘Nurse’ at the top of his voice…accompanied by a string of filthy swear words.

His actions were despicable, yet somehow the nurses managed to deal with him too. All part of the job.

Get the politicians Into the wards

I honestly don’t know how the nurses do it. It must be because they have a sense of calling, an ethos, that goes beyond that required in most other occupations.

Of course, many politicians will not have seen all this because they go into the private system.

So I challenge every politician to go into our public hospital wards and see for themselves. I’m sure this could be arranged.

Then they’d move heaven and earth to pay the nurses all they deserve now. Right now.’

Totally agree. Raising nurses wages and teachers wages would create more stability and attract more into the much needed professions. That would be transformational!. Maybe return go the old system of paying the students to work on the job with no student fees. Part time work taking the load off staff and part time study with wages not loans

Great article Alan!! I couldn’t agree more. The altruism and team cohesion within the nursing workforce has held together a shaky health system for years. It’s a structure that is often very poorly served by the middle bureaucrats at the national level. The achievements of Saint Ashley, despite the well known shortcomings of His Ministry can only be marvelled at!!


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