Help Finance Elijah’s Special Needs

Getting the little guy to Sydney

Leslie Clague, Elijah’s Nana

Elijah and Laura

Earlier this week at the Waiouru Community Centre, the New Zealand Army opened a fund raising campaign for my third grandchild, Elijah North, to get him to a special education centre in Sydney to help him progress.

Elijah has been diagnosed with microcephaly causing severe global development delay.

Now almost two, he still weighs about seven kilos. He has mastered sitting, rolling over and some tactile skills. When he wants attention, he will call out, “Yah, yah.” His visual ability is growing and he loves music.

(See the article by my daughter, Laura, on May 19, which explains in part the on-going challenges and joys that Elijah has brought to our family.)

Two ways to help Elijah

At the campaign launch: Elijah and Laura in the centre, with his father Tane in army uniform, Leslie on the right beside Laura, and grandpa Bill and Elijah’s brother TJ on the left.

The family has opened a Givealittle page called  Elijah “wonder boy” North.

Also the Army has set up a special charity account which it will manage, giving money to the Norths as needed for Elijah’s further development.

If you would like to help in Elijah’s journey this way, here are the details:

Account name: Elijah North

Account number: 0315250070778025

Code: Your name (optional)

Reference: Your telephone number (optional)

The code and reference are at the request of my daughter Laura who says she will call and thank those that identify themselves.

A special guy who radiates warmth

TJ, Elijah and Ellamae

Elijah is such a special individual, with his gorgeous curly blonde hair, his warm and beautiful smile and a lovely disposition.

I love the times I get to look after him. The Army has been tremendously supportive.

Laura now works only 15 hours per week as a captain so she has time to travel to specialists in Wanganui, Palmerston North and to a Cognitive Therapy Centre in Wellington one day a week. If you have any queries, please email me back.

If you would like to track Elijah’s progress he has a Facebook page. The address is @elijahwonderboynorth.