Hekia Parata’s Column

Hekia Parata MP‘Let’s talk about families!’

By Hekia Parata, Mana list MP and Education Minister

Let’s talk about families. More specifically what efforts our Government is making to help protect the health of our children, our partners and our elderly.

Did you know that couples with children make up 33.3 percent of all families in the Kapiti Coast District and 16.7 percent of families are one-parent families? That means half of all families have children. It is a priority that our health care system caters to their needs.

Investment in health

We are investing $14.7 billion in health – the most ever. We have prioritised funding to frontline services and invested in more doctors and nurses while reducing back-office staff. That means taking the focus off administration and redirecting it to the people who need it most.

Our government continues prioritise investments that improve our quality of living.

National has delivered record frontline health services for New Zealand families by boosting investment in our public health system and making every dollar go further.

Here’s more good news: We are delivering 35,000 more elective surgery discharges each year, all patients who need cancer treatment get it within the world gold standard of four weeks, and 94 per cent of emergency department patients are admitted or discharged within six hours – This means faster and more efficient care when you need it most.

Record number of flu jabs

This year nearly 1.3 million Kiwis have had a flu jab – a record number. It is great news that more people are protected against serious disease. This means fewer school sick days and more importantly less germs circulating around the 45 schools we have in the Mana electorate.

Our Government has already boosted immunisation, with 89 per cent of eight-month-olds fully immunised, and we are on track for 95 per cent by 2017.

While many developed countries around the world are freezing or even reducing health funding, our government is investing an average of $500 million each year in growing and protecting our public health services. This is an important part of our drive to deliver better public services for everybody.

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