The Pursuit of Eternal Youth

By Paula Burkett
July 2012





Putting my body on the line.

In the pursuit of eternal youth I am not opposed to putting my body on the line in the name of research. In the Beauty Therapy industry I am often exposed to the common treatments people get done such as facials, waxing, tinting, etc. You can however take things further without taking the surgical option. There are numerous non-surgical procedures available such as laser, injectables, lactic peels and many others.

Being the curious type I couldn’t resist trialling some of these procedures. My first experience into the wonderful world of halting the clock was with a lactic peel. A mildly uncomfortable, a tingly, itchy sensation, but not unbearable solution, is applied and left for a specific amount of time and once removed reveals soft, smooth, glowing skin. A course of six is recommended for the particular one I trialled which equates to one facial per week, and the results are well worth it. This procedure is best done over the winter months and it is vital to wear a sun block  … which we all should be doing anyway.

On this occasion I had Botox

My next step was to banish the furrow, caused by frowning, between my eyebrows. After consulting a doctor, her advice was to inject a muscle relaxant into the area. On this occasion I had Botox. (Yes there have been other occasions). This takes about 3-7 days to take effect and lasts around 3-6 months on average. The procedure itself is very quick, generally taking around 10-15 minutes and is relatively painless. In fact you could inflict more pain on yourself pinching your skin between your fingernails.  I would advise that you have any injectable procedure performed by a qualified doctor. There are Nurses that can do this, but in my experience the results are better when performed by a Doctor.

Dermal Fillers.

Having taken the first step and ventured into the `Appearance Medicine` arena, my next adventure was with Dermal Fillers. I agreed to have a procedure called a Malar Lift which is generally performed to minimise the lines that run from your nose to your mouth (nasolabial folds). Had I have known what was involved I probably would not have been so bold. I was required to have a dental block and the filler was injected up through the inside of my mouth into the area just under my eye socket. I am very appreciative I couldn’t feel a thing thanks to the dental block. There was some minor swelling which was to be expected and a possibility of bruising which I was hoping wouldn’t eventuate as the following day was Valentine’s Day. No such luck, – the following morning I woke up looking as if I had done a knock out round with Mike Tyson. (I should have known that I was prone to bruising). No amount of clever makeup tricks was going to hide this, so I spent a week walking around looking very bruised before I could convincingly hide it under makeup. It made for some interesting stories at work, but I was extremely happy with the end result.The filler that was used on me lasted one year and now that it has lost effect I don’t know if I am keen to repeat the procedure.

I did decide though,  to have a filler, to disguise a small scar on my forehead. That experience was a lot different. No local anaesthetic was needed and the filler was injected through a cannula needle – a little uncomfortable but not painful.

Prior to my round of lactic peels I had trialled the IPL(Intensed Pulse Light),  Photo Facial. Depending on the machine used this may be a little uncomfortable (a pinging sensation) but again not painful. The results vary as there are many different machines.Be vigilant in picking your Operator. Make sure they are trained and the machine they are using is certified (you are perfectly entitled to ask to sight the certificates). While all good fun these procedures should not replace good at home skincare routine. – Nothing can age you faster than dry and damaged skin.