Guy Plugs Expressway

Kapiti MP repeats  mantra — ‘Motorways are good for you’

By the Editor, Alan Tristram
Ōtaki MP Nathan Guy is backing the band of rich businessmen and developers who want an Expressway through the heart of Kāpiti — no matter what the cost.
While money is tight for almost any social good, there’s seemingly no shortage of cash for the big motorway projects.In his latest media release, Mr Guy first urges locals to ‘have their say on the Kapiti expressway, with submissions to the Board of Inquiry closing at 5pm tomorrow.’
Core message

Then comes the core message: “There is strong local support for getting on and building this much-needed road. However, people need to make their voices heard so that Board members get a true reflection of how the community feels,” says Mr Guy.

“The expressway will link our communities with a second bridge over the Waikanae River allowing quicker and safer journeys. This is the biggest Government investment ever made into the Kapiti district, and will be a real economic boost to the region.

“With Transmission Gully getting the green light, the expressway becomes even more important. If everything lines up, the Board should conclude their findings early next year so that earthworks can begin mid-2013, which will be very exciting.

“As we’ve seen with Transmission Gully, big projects going through this streamlined consenting process can take just 9 months. Under the old rules it could have been three to five years.

Labour and Greens slagged

Mr Guy also seizes what he sees as an the opportunity to slag off Labour and the Greens for their hearttlessness toward motorists:

He opines: “Labour and the Greens want to stop this road, leaving us with congestion on SH1 and longer travel times for commuters.

Then he returns to public service mode: “It’s easy to make a submission online and only takes a few minutes. This is a unique chance to have a say on this project which is so important for our region,” says Mr Guy.

Submissions can be made at: