Kāpiti Mayor ‘In Shock’ After Christchurch Massacre

Kāpiti’s Mayor K Gurunathan says he is “absolutely shocked’ by the Christchurch massacre.


“This is not the New Zealand I know.”

The Mayor says: “This is an aberration to the spirit of inclusion that I know has been a comfort to me on my journey to citizenship in the country, and my acceptance as Mayor of Kapiti Coast.

“To the devastated Muslim community of Kapiti and beyond, especially in Christchurch, I convey the thoughts and prayers of the people of Kapiti.”

Malaysian link

Mayor Gurunathan, who emigrated to NZ from Malaysia, adds: ” The Malaysian High Commission has confirmed that a Malaysian was injured at the Christchurch mosque.

“Only today, while the shooting was happening,  I was hosting about 25 Canadian visitors from the Quebec Friendship Force.

“I was boasting that while the rest of the world was troubled by things like terrorism, NZ was a safe oasis.”

He says: “I told them that at every Citizenship Ceremony I gave this same message.”

“I am in shock and I am saddened that I can’t say this at the next ceremony at the end of this month.

“I am however confident that this horrific incident is an isolated aberration.”

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