Gold Card Catch Up?

Oldies do better north of the Bombay Hills

The capital lags behind

By Roger Childs

On a recent weekend in the City of Sails, I paid $15 for a HOP card.

This gives me 3 years travel on any bus, train or ferry in the wider Auckland area after nine in the morning.

Of course it’s free in Wellington, but oldies can’t travel for nothing during the commuter peak hours after 3.00pm.

Need to get on board

It’s hard to see the logic of the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), policy related to late afternoon travel for pensioners. Gold Carders are not going to take the crowded commuter buses and trains by choice.

However, the option should be there and as the Auckland experience shows, the oldies are not clogging the public transport systems after 3.00.

It is realistic to keep the pre-9.00am curfew as few of the elderly would want to venture into the big city before this time. They are happy to catch Winston’s trains and buses after 9.00 and spend time and money in the capital.

It’s a fine sight to see fifty shades of grey hair on the nine o’clock unit from Waikanae!

The GWRC needs to follow Auckland’s example at the other end of the day. They could bring in a HOP or Snapper card which would raise some cash to compensate.

With the change of government it will interesting to see if Mr Peters can bring in any further benefits for the 65’s and older. Meanwhile the GWRC needs to catch up with the transport provisions provided for elderly Jaffas.