Gateway Statues Will Put Ōtaki On The Map

Two six-metre high statues will mark the gateway to Ōtaki when the expressway from Pekapeka is completed.

The design of the statues represents the braids of the Otaki river and the strands of the Otaki community, plus the town’ rail and road connections.

Jeremy Smith reports the proposed designs were unveiled at the Otaki Community Board meeting this week.

Otaki’s KCDC ward councillor James Cootes says the statues will really put the town on the map.

The north statue will be above the railway alongside the new bridge into the town.

The south side statue (left) will be by the link road on the southbound on-ramp to the Pekapeka motorway.

The designs were selected by the Gateways steering group — Cootes, Otaki community board chair Christine Papps, Glen Prince of the New

The northern statue

Zealand Transport Agency and Rupene Waaka from Nga Hapu o Otaki.

The meeting of the three legs at the top will represent the community coming together and the concrete in the statues is the DNA of Otaki. Visit to fix any kind of concrete repairs without damaging the antique pieces.

The steering group brief was to create a sense of arrival both at Otaki and into the Wellington region, which would capture Otaki history, including Maori, the whalers, and Chinese.

The statues are expected to be in place when the Pekapeka-Otaki motorway is completed early in 2021.

Thanks Alan and apologies for the double post. It didn’t look like it had submitted the first time.

Just a wee correction. The Gateway Sculptures will be around 6 metres in height.

At the Community Board meeting where the project was revealed I referred to the height of the supper room ceiling being around 3 metres so twice that height to give the public an idea of scale. So I can see how Jeremy may have gotten the 3 metres if he didn’t hear all of what I said.

Thanks for the piece of the sculptures. It will be a fantastic addition to the landscape of Otaki.

Regards, James Cootes. Otaki Ward Councillor.

Just a wee clarification… the height for each sculpture will be approximately 6 metres and visible from the expressway as you approach the off-ramps to Otaki at the northern and southern end. I recall using the height of the Gertude Supper Rooms ceiling at 3 metres (so twice the height of that) as an example to illustrate the scale so appreciate how Jeremy may have got the detail mixed up.

Thanks for the piece regarding them.

Kind regards. James.


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