Full Steam Ahead For Major Changes At Paraparaumu Railway Station

The pedestrian ramp under the old Highway One between the Coastlands car park and the Paraparaumu Railway Station may soon disappear. .. although the steps will stay, reports Jeremy Smith.

Instead people using pushchairs, walkers, strollers or on bikes will be able to cross the highway at street level to reach the buses or Waikanae trains from the carpark.

However the steps down from the carpark will stay.

The other two pedestrian entrances – both steps and ramps – on either side of the railway will not change.

The ramp removal is part of the KCDC plans for a pedestrian crossing, with traffic lights
over the highway immediately above the subway.  

Pedestrians coming from Coastlands will move to the new crossing on the space now used by motorists turning left on to the old main road.  

At the moment anyone moving from the northbound- Waikanae platform and bus station side to Coastlands must go underground by the steps or the underpass.

Matangi train on the northbound track

Alternately they can walk to the end of  the platform, go left down Kapiti Road to the lights at the Kapiti Road/Amohia street (Old Highway One)  intersection.

KCDC map showing the redesign of the transport hub — Coastlands at top

But now the KCDC proposal says the ramp from Coastlands is too steep for many people and as it is not covered, it is open to the weather. Removing it will make more space for the shared path.

KIN spoke to people using the existing ramp to get from the Coastlands carpark. They  included cyclists, an elderly woman with a walker and a younger woman with a baby in a stroller. All said they had no problems with the ramp.

Work on the proposal will start in June. Council staff would like to hear reaction to removal of the ramp.

The changes are part of the redevelopment of the Transport Centre which and are part of the revocation of the state highway status of the old highway One. 

Intercity Bus Stop across the road from the Paraparaumu Railway Station

The changes include moving the north bound Intercity bus shelter a few metres south

I have only just seen this. I had wondered what was going on. When is KCDC going to learn that if things are not broken they do not need fixing? We are getting all these roading downgrades that nobody seems to want. And now this. Now wonder our rates are gong through the stratosphere.

By the way? Too steep? Isn’t there a 1 in 12 rise legality for ramps? If this was adhered for what is the problem? Back in the day Kathy Spiers and I spoke up and worked hard to have that subway built for everyone’s safety not just the able-bodied. We strongly rested or case on disability and parents with prams etc. Apparently the opposition said people would get mugged in the tunnel. Hmm this was around 20 years ago does anyone know of a person being robbed or attacked in the underpass? Please speak up if you do.

What?? Does this mean there will be no ramp? What will happen to prams, wheelchairs, walkers etc while it’s all being dug up? Will the council provide a shuttle service? More information please? Why not just cover it?

“All [users] said they had no problems with the ramp.” But, “Work [by the council] on the proposal will start in June.” Why? It’s clearly yet another example of the council wanting to spend NZTA (taxpayers) money because it’s being offered to them, and no other reason. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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