FOOD FOR THOUGHT: PM’s Wonderful Wee Announcement

Best news I’ve heard all year! Wellington Mayor, Justin Lester

Superb timing

By Roger Childs

This lady has class and brilliant timing. A year ago she was a list MP and now she is the pregnant prime minister.

She brought the Labour Party back from the dead in the polls and gave Bill English a run for his money in the election.

Then Winston did the business, as we all know, and he will unexpectedly be acting prime minister for six weeks mid-year.

Before the election Jacinda slapped down announcer Mark Richardson when he suggested that the electorate had the right to know if the Labour leader had plans to have a family.

He went too far and he hadn’t asked Bill English if he would be having more children.

It is probable that if the electorate had known she was expecting at the time of going to the polls, we might be getting more of the National same.

A new style

Canadian prime minster Justin Trudeau

The country is fortunate in having Jacinda Ardern as prime minister.

She is part of a new breed of world politician like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron: young, vibrant, intelligent and appealing. Most Americans are incredibly envious.

Ardern has already made an impact on the world stage at the international conferences she has attended.

She has shown that she is definitely fits in with the world’s leaders and will no doubt continue to put the case for our tiny country, forcefully and intelligently in overseas forums.

No disruption

Every woman should have the choice of combining family & career. Helen Clark

Obviously the PM will be having time out to have the baby mid-year, but that should not cause any political disruption.

The government will continue to function and the sun will still rise each morning.

Perhaps we should shed a tear for the Opposition, who will now struggle to hit the headline in 2018. (See Andy’s graphic perception  below.)