FOOD FOR THOUGHT: More Pressure On Trump

The soul of the Republican party, tattered from bigotry and auctioned off over and over again to naked self-interest and greed, was absolutely not restored by the defeat of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate  race this week.  Detroit Free Press

Democrats coming up

By Roger Childs

Democrat success in Republican heartland

The Democrat victory in Republican heartland country has narrowed the GOP majority in the US Senate to 51-49.

This will make it harder for Trump to get any legislation passed, such as the Tax Bill which will give the rich a substantial increase in income.

It needed three Republican Senators (all women), to cross the floor earlier in the year to defeat the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, now just two defectors would stymie the president.

The odious Roy Moore

He stood despite … multiple women’s claims of sexual assault and that he pursued sexual relationships with them while they were teenagers and he was in his 30s. CNN News

Roy Moore goes down despite presidential backing

This is a man who has offended Muslims, women, African Americans, gays and Christians. The Republican establishment did not support his candidacy, but the president ultimately did.

Roy Moore is under investigation for sexual misdemeanours and has gone on record as saying Muslims should not be allowed to serve in the US Congress.

So it is sickening to hear him speaking on television with false sincerity about his wedding anniversary, the sanctity of marriage, the omnipotent God, national values, life and liberty etc …

The Senate no doubt breathed a huge sigh relief when Democrat Doug Jones won the vacant Alabama seat.

Trump under more pressure

There would have been a lot of crowing from the White House had Moore won, but now Trump faces a tougher road to get his policies passed into law.

Credit Washington Post

However, a bigger worry could be the sexual harassment charges a number of women have brought against him.

Of course, the President’s press secretary is saying that the claims are all false, but readers will recall Trump boasting last year about his exploits with women in the past and his appalling admissions of grabbing them by the crotch!

Impeachment getting closer?

Meanwhile the investigations into the Russian connections with the 2016 Trump presidential campaign grind on.  Some Trump supporters have been trying to discredit special prosecutor Robert Mueller, but to no avail.

There is certainly not enough evidence for a serious impeachment challenge at this stage, to put the president on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors. A recent attempt gained little support in the House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, the storm clouds are gathering, albeit some way off at present.