FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Iwi Intrusion?

An unwarranted gift? states Bud Jones — 

TV NZ-One, early on 25/6/18 broadcast a statement; quote: “a number of Iwi have gifted a Maori name for the PM’s new baby.” Notwithstanding the divine hocus pocus of Maoridom is a juju not easily sundered, the intent was clear.

However, Maoridom has no business pushing its way into the private personal life of the PM’s young family. These inappropriate gestures sent the needle on the “Audacity Metre” SCREAMING INTO THE Red Zone of deplorable, disgusting, blatant, naked racism and self-appointed brown supremacy.

One wonders why our esteemed “Race Relations Commissioner was not returning volleys of reprimand to Iwi for these indiscretions?

One is tempted to speculate:  “blind eye syndrome” or “asleep at the helm.”


When we arrived in Wellington – from the UK – in 1962 – there were KIWI’S & BLOODY POMS! No one ever looked on Maori has being anything other than KIWI’S!
Sadly, 56-years later RACISM rules supreme! And with 95% pf our MP’s supporting this our once great profile will disappear, along with our tourist industry and a massive emigration of white people!
Last evening we caught a glimpse of our Parliament on SKY TV – where a Maori was raving on in Maori! This is totally counter-productive!

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