Foggy Bottom Again!

Kapiti Island whiteout 010-1Second day of fog obscures Kapiti Island

By Helen Tristram

This photo which I took just before mid-day, in  coolish conditions, shows the whiteout caused by our second morning of foggy conditions at Raumati South, Raumati and Paraparaumu Beach on the Kapiti Coast.

It’s most unusual that our view of Kapiti Island is blotted out on a fine day, but this is what has happened twice this week.


Yesterday, it looked like this (photo right) just above the scenic esplanade walking and cycling path in Raumati South.fog thursday

Meanwhile, in the Capital, conditions — near the Airport particularly — were far worse, for the second day running.

Dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed and about 30 passengers were forced to bed down at Wellington Airport last night.

A thick and heavy fog enveloped much of Wellington last night, cancelling flights and immediately stranding 29 passengers, who were forced to spend the night at Wellington Airport.

The fog lingered through the morning today, but much of it has evaporated, revealing a sunny and almost windless day in the capital. But that won’t help much, with weather forecasters saying the fog could return tonight.

Earlier today, all domestic check-ins at the airport were suspended and all flights into and out of the capital were affected, except two – one international – that were lucky enough to depart.

The MetService  says the sea fog formed when the moist air interacted with the cool sea surface of the Cook Strait and drifted into Wellington Harbour.