Fire Engulfs London Tower Block

It’s horrendous. The whole building is engulfed in flames. It’s gone. It’s just a matter of time before this building collapses. Actor and writer Tim Downie

Grenfell Tower ablaze

By Roger Childs

It started at 12.45 in the morning and six hours later it is still burning (5.00pm NZ time) .

The entire 27 storey block of 120 flats has been engulfed and over 200 firefighters are trying to get in under control.

Unfortunately, they have not had hoses at the scene able to  reach the higher floors.

Resident Paul Munakr on the seventh floor, heard no fire alarms, but manged to escape down the stairwell at about 2.00am London time. He met firefighters coming up who told him to run, run, run!

He has lived in the building all his life – over 20 years – and said that a few years ago cladding was added to the exterior to make it more attractive. In his view, this actually helped the flames shoot up the outside of the building.

Just a few minutes ago on BBC TV you could still see chunks of cladding falling off.

People who escaped are being treated for smoke inhalation, but it is too early to assess the casualties.