Fintan O’Toole And the Kapiti Book Thieves

In my time in Dublin, most of the Library thefts took place in the dirty books section.

And the blame was laid on teenage boys.

But here in Kapiti it’s the boyos in the Council themselves that are doing the thieving. Some $200,000 worth of Libary books.

James Joyce, Yeats and Brendan Behan would be turning in their graves.

And the Irish, being Irish, would have much to say.

Brendan Behan takes a break from his library studies

And here, begorrah kia ora, the good citizens of Kapiti are about to unite in a campaign to cudgel the book thieves. Behan himself would be proud of youse.

There’s a Donnybrook brewing…and, God bless me himself, I’m in the thick of it.

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