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Help Us Find Tree Vandals

Says Kapiti Coast Council

February 4, 2010

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The KCDC says vandalism of trees on Council reserve land is at a very high level at present and it wants the community’s help in identifying and catching those responsible.

Council staff have been appalled at the level of damage being done to mature trees in reserve areas of Paraparaumu and Waikanae.

“Not only are well established trees on Council land being attacked and broken but a 50 year-old Norfolk Pine on private land in Park Avenue Waikanae was chopped and ring barked so badly that it has had to be cut down,” says Leisure & Open Space Asset Manager Lex Bartlett.

A series of pictures of damaged trees, including the Norfolk Pine, has been released by the Council.

“If we can catch people vandalising trees or members of the public can give us information leading to their apprehension, we will put the matter in the hands of the Police to prosecute,” Mr Bartlett says

Contact:  Lex Bartlett, Tel. (04) 296 4700