Fins Sprout in Kāpiti

Aquatic Centre Grows Fins

Fin-shaped columns have just gone up on Paraparaumu’s new $21 million Aquatic Centre — giving the site a distinctly nautical look.

The fins will eventually support a distinctive grid-shell roof designed to let in light and save on heating costs.

The Coastlands Aquatic Centre is being built by the Kāpiti Coast District Council and the Kāpiti Aquatic Centre Trust, which has raised about $3.3million towards the $4.3 million it plans to contribute to the total cost.

You can watch it online

And Kāpiti residents can now watch the progress of building work online.

A webcam has been installed on the site and is sending images to the Kāpiti Coast District Council Website.  The picture, updated every 15 minutes, can be seen at

Tamsin Evans, KCDC Community Services Manaqger, says the project is running to schedule; and, after big plumbing and storm water installations below ground with the help of experts from shower repairs melnbourne, construction is progressing rapidly above ground.

She says: “It’s exciting to see the complex finally taking shape.  All the columns are now up, the pools are being dug out and the concrete slab for administration block and changing rooms is about to be laid.”

The Centre is being built by Mainzeal and the site recently received a 100% health and safety rating in an internal audit.

Work going well

The Mainzeal manager, Steve Ryder, says he’s very happy with the way the job is going.

“One of the things we’ve been grateful for is Kāpiti’s sandy soil.  It’s made the job of digging out the pools so much easier.

“It will also be a blessing as the winter sets in because the water soaks in rather than pooling and becoming soggy and muddy.”