Fast Food Fadeout

Mr Slight demonstrates his banned sign outside the KCDC Headquarters
Mr Slight demonstrates his banned sign outside the KCDC Headquarters

Kapiti Council cracks down on all walking ads for small businesses

By Alan Tristram

 Following our story about the KCDC’s apparent discrimination in banning Mr Bacon and Eggs and his walking sign (pic left, & story below), the Kapiti Coast Council has announced it will crack down on all fast food firms with walking street signs.

Tamsin Evans, Group Manager Community Services, says:

“Council has recently corresponded with four local businesses (Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hutt, Café Palms and McDonalds) that were displaying non-compliant signage on the footpath areas at the intersection of Rimu and Kapiti Roads and on SH1, Paraparaumu.”

The story began when Council bosses tried last month to ban cafe owner Peter Slight from Kapiti Road  when he took out a small sign (see photo above) into  the Kapiti Lights area .

But even the bureaucrats couldn’t keep a good man down — and Peter turned himself into a walking ad for his cafe’s $9.90 bacon and eggs (photo right).Monday Walkers Mount Thompson, Levin  24th June  2013 012

But he complained bitterly to the Independent that the KCDC seemed to allow other food outlets to have free reign with their pedestrianised ads on Kapiti Road.

Now the Council’s Ms Evans has told the Independent the ban will apply to everyone.

“Staff from these food outlets ( Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hutt, Café Palms and McDonalds) had been holding up billboards advertising their commercial businesses during busy traffic periods,” she says.

“They were advised to cease immediately, as where and how the signs were displayed were identified as a potential hazard, nuisance and/or obstruction for pedestrians and road users.

“Signage promoting any commercial business that does not comply with the permitted standards requires resource consent.”

The KCDC manager also says that all signage complaints received by Council are investigated and action taken where necessary — and ‘any person or business breaching the rules of the District Plan with respect to signage risks enforcement action.’




Interesting situation regarding advertising on clothing…there are so many T shirts and jackets with football club, rugby club, sports clubs, colleges, Businesses, various names etc. Do the Commercial business logos count? Or even KCDC staff walking around advertising where they work?
There are signage rules in the Proposed District Plan but I didn’t realise that they also referred to. clothing