Fantastic Cape to Cape Walk

By Sandra Smith

An awesome experience in West Australia

cape2 Last month I ventured to West Australia to do a 7-day walk – the Cape to Cape, which is a 135 km coastal walk from Cape Naturaliste (See the lighthouse below), to Cape Leeuwin.

I need more adjectives because each day these words — wonderful, fabulous, beautiful, awesome (in the true sense) amazing, picturesque (I’m sounding like the Thesaurus here) — all got used up by morning tea-time and then I was just left with ‘wow’ to say repetitively for the rest of the day!

I booked the guided walk with Inspiration Outdoors, which is owned by Emily Pinkus and Simon Mendelawitz — an enthusiastic young couple who made sure our group of 8 Aussies and 1 Kiwi enjoyed themselves to the full. We were based at a lodge just out from Margaret River and each day we were driven out to resume our walk where we had finished the previous day.

Plenty of challenges and great sights

The tracks were mostly well formed but each day had its own challenges – soft sand beaches, hills, river crossings, rock scrambles.

cape 4Each day also had its beauty spots:

  • the turquoise sea,
  • the huge rolling white waves
  • the dolphins playing
  • the forest
  • the blowholes
  • the wildflowers
  •  the colourful rocky cliffs.

So you can see why I ran out of descriptive power for this most beautiful area!

A learning experience

cape 3Every day, either Simon or Emily accompanied us and from them we learned about

  • the region’s fascinating geology
  • its colonial history
  • how to identify the abundant flora. (See the grass trees alongside.)

Beyond the comfort zone!

A couple of times I was pushed out of my comfort zone like when the rain came horizontally – short showers but like someone had up-ended a bucket – and crossing the Margaret River outlet one morning after a night of heavy rain. Simon did a test run and although the current was not strong the water came up to the tops of his legs. We can do this, says Emily we’ll just take off our pants and cross in our undies “ Who me?? This is not looking good, I thought, it’s cold, overcast and windy and I don’t want to do it! But as the alternative was to stay behind I opted to go. Out on the other side laughing, dried and dressed again and feeling quite invigorated I was wondering what I had ever worried about!

Everything laid on

P1000042Each day we just took a back pack with our water and any extra clothes for the day. All meals were provided – a good breakfast, homemade cookies for morning tea and a healthy lunch. When we arrived back at the lodge (usually a bit weary but content with our days effort) there were hot showers, nibbles around the fire, a fantastic two course meal, a glass of wine or two and good company. Who could ask for more??

For Emily and Simon their work is also their play. One lunch time Simon was stretched out on a rock in the sun and I said Another hard day at the office, huh?

Yeah, he replied it’s a rough job but someone has to do it!

How fortunate can one get?

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about this walk (and they do do others) the website is   I can’t recommend them highly enough.