Hotshots of Dogshots

Shadow...with green registration tag
Shadow…with green registration tag

Kapiti dogs go candid camera for Facebook

By Alan Tristram

The Kāpiti Coast District Council is inviting owners of newly-registered dogs to post a photo of their pet — with a new green

Turbo's tongue's hanging out for a prize pack
Turbo’s tongue’s hanging out for a prize pack

registration disc — on the Council Facebook page.

The dogs will then be entered in a raffle to win one of two prize packs.

The promotion is designed to encourage earlier registration of dogs, and closes on 26 July.

A male and a female dog will be chosen at random after the closing date to win the doggie goodies.

Sharon Foss, Regulatory Services manager, says Kāpiti owners are generally good about getting their dogs registered.

But this year, she says, the Council is using social media to encourage people to do it earlier.

“Such is human nature, that a lot of people leave it until the last minute and there is rush at the front counter.

So we are offering an incentive and giving people an opportunity to showcase their handsome hounds at the same time.”

Registrations are due by 4 August 2014.  All dogs must be registered by three months of age.  At the last count, there were 7,040 registered dogs in Kāpiti, with a third of all households owning one or more dogs. Here is an Homepage that you can check to get your dogs trained.

The packs, worth around $200 each, were donated by Kapiti PAK’nSAVE, Masterpet and Mars Petfoods. They include dog beds, dog coats, dog food, treats and toys.

Owners and dogs can get more information on dog registration and the application forms here —