Factory Farming Debate

1a factory farmingWhich politicians will help stop factory farming cruelty?

By Alan Tristram

Political parties are finally talking about factory farming, but which ones will actually take action?

You can join SAFE’s (Save Animals From Exploitation) political panel discussion with MP’s from all the major parties and find out who’s full of hot air, and which parties will help the animals.

Trevor Mallard,Labour, Shane Ardern, National, Mojo Mathers, Greens, Richard Prosser,NZ First, and Miriam Pierard, Auckland central candidate for the Internet party, will debate whether factory farming still has a place in modern New Zealand.

You can find out what our politicians think about the three million hens housed in battery cages (see photo) and the tens of thousands of pigs kept in metal crates. You may even want to ask them a question or two!

Where: St Andrews on The Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Wellington
When: Wednesday 3 September, 6.30pm