Faafoi on Operation 8

Labour MP says police must reform after Urewera debacle

By Alan Tristram
Kris Faafoi, MP for Mana and Labour’s police spokesman, has responded to an invitation from KIN to comment on the official condemnation of police conduct in the Urewera raids.
He’s related his comments first to police links with Kapiti’s communities…

Kris Faafoi says: “Policing Kapiti is as varied as it gets. From keeping an eye on the traffic moving on SH1, dealing with issues in both rural and urban settings, and dealing with the challenges of a large elderly and excitable youth population.

Local cops do a ‘good job’
“I think our local cops do a great job, it stems from years of hard work and commitment to ensure our cops and community are on the same page. But that relationship can be gone in an instant as was seen in October 2007 when police carried out operations now known as the Urewera raids,” says Mr Faafoi.

“Maintaining those relations between cops and communities is why it is so important that the New Zealand Police implement the recommendations of the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s report into Operation Eight.

“The report found that the investigation and decision to take action in this case was justifiable, it is of deep concern that some of the police activities were unlawful. Innocent people were unnecessarily frightened and intimidated and that is unacceptable.

“The recommendations made by the Independent Police Conduct Authority after its investigation into Operation Eight are reasonable and must be fully implemented by the Police and reported back to the Government through an annual review of progress.

“This was a very thorough investigation and it is now up to the police to ensure all of the recommendations are put in place as quickly as possible so as to maintain the high regard in which our community holds them.”