Expressway With A Vista

Never mind the noise, enjoy the view!

By Roger Childs

No wall between the bridges

A friend who lives near the new highway told me that an NZTA official said that the reason that there was no sound wall was aesthetic.

He was referring to the raised section between the Wharemauku Stream and Raumati Road bridges.

Surely he was joking?

No way, they have even built expensive seats at strategic points so that passers-by can watch the traffic roar past.

Sorry Rata Road residents!

The recently released Jacobs Report spells out why you haven’t got a noise wall.

Rata Road: A noise barrier was not provided for the following reasons

  • because only two PPFs ( literally premises and facilities (houses)) were Category B which did not constitute a cluster
  • to achieve Category A at these properties would have required a barrier 2 m high and 350 m long.

This was considered to look out of place for the road user. A concrete safety barrier was not considered in this location.

Can’t have the passing drivers having things looking out of place.

But aren’t they supposed to be watching where they are going?

(Thanks to Bernie Randall for supplying information.)