Expressway Secrets

expresswayKapiti Locals get cold shoulder at Motorway splurge

Elaine Engman of Wellington’s ‘Scoop’ gives a different perspective to the PR splurge on the sod-turning for the controversial new Kapiti Expressway.

Elaine (who’s Waikanae resident) says the Transport Agency’s  ‘sod-breaking ceremony’ for the Mackays Crossing to Peka Peka Expressway seemed to be a secretive affair,  instead of being a community celebration.

Ms Engman says: ‘Details of the location and time were available only to those who had been invited – mainly politicians, members of the Alliance and of course employees of the Transport Agency.

‘We heard the details from a politician who was too saddened to attend and thought members of the community should know about it. Now read the full story in Scoop —