Expressway Noise: Disappointing Responses

 NZTA dragging the rumble strips

By Nick Fisher

One section sorely needing noise reduction: Wharemauku Stream to Raumati Road

I have just received notification from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), that the rumble strips won’t be removed until May or later.

This is completely unacceptable, given they should never have been laid in the first place, and we were assured they would be removed by the end of October.

Write to them, give them hell.

Also ask why they are not enforcing Road User Rule 7.4 prohibiting excessive noise from vehicles (Engine brakes)

Ministers can’t direct NZTA?

Julie Ann Genter, Associate Minister of Transport: powerless to act?

I have had a meeting with JulieAnne Genter, the Associate Minister of Transport, who was very supportive of our position, but claimed she wasn’t in a position to instruct NZTA. I

Steven Joyce told NZTA to build the “road of national significance ” through Kapiti.

have heard this also from the Minister. This is difficult to understand; isn’t that what Ministers do? Make policy? What did Joyce do to make NZTA build the road through our midst? He gave them instructions.

Write to them, demand action.

The politicians are aware of the issues, but they need further prodding.

The more we write, the easier it is for them to justify taking action.



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