Express Day Good For Kapiti Youth Support

KYS helps and benefits

The Te Roto Drive entrance where KYS collected and helped out

 By Petra Aregger

KYS was very pleased to be able to help out at the recent M2PP Kapiti Express Day.

KYS provided volunteers on the gates, collecting for the gold coin entry donation.

The organisation also provided help with parking wardens and health and safety as needed at the Te Roto Drive site. 


Generous support from the Kapiti community

A fantastic $12,000 + was raised during the day, with proceeds being split between KYS & Mary Potter Hospice, who also provided support on the day.

It was a well organised and well run event, with thousands of people turning out to see the new Expressway for the first time.

KYS is very grateful to the M2PP Alliance team for their support for our organisation and the young people of Kapiti.