Emilia Battles On

South – North runner making progress

By Roger Childs

The legendary Lisa Tamati

Publisher and philanthropist AH Reed walked from North Cape to the Bluff in 1960 to raise money, and many people have done it since. Doing the off-road Te Araroa Trail is now a target for many adventurers.

The legendary ultra-runner Lisa Tamati ran South to North on the highways a few years back for the cause of Child Cancer and battled though bad weather and injuries.  However, she completed the journey and was able to include an excursion through her beloved New Plymouth.

Other have run it on the roads since, including a plumber from Wanaka. A few of us from the Kapiti Harriers joined him on his way through the area.

Now we have the flying Finn, Emilia Lahti.

Running with a mission 

She is running for a great cause: to raise awareness about domestic violence. (See our earlier article on January 15. )

Emilia has got to Queenstown after doing 253 km in 5 days. However a knee problem, sunburn, blisters and sore feet have plagued her. Head winds have also been tough to run into, and there has been the summer heat that we have all been facing.

She is getting great support along the way but will, I think, need to reschedule. Not even Lisa set herself such a tough timetable. Emilia’s plan is to head north from Wanaka up the West Coast to Nelson.

She is pretty emotional about things on Facebook, but as she says, I’m still here and doing my best.

We’ll let people know when she gets to Kapiti so that plenty of folk can get out and support her.

If you want to contact her to provide encouragement her email is inspiresisu@gmail.com

She is also on Facebook and Twitter.