Eggman Defies Crushing

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‘Mr Bacon and Eggs’ takes new menu to KCDC HQ after Council bosses issue street ban

By Alan and Helen Tristram

Council bosses in Kapiti tried to ban cafe owner Peter Slight from Kapiti Road  when he took out a small sign into  the Kapiti Lights area .

But you can’t keep a good man down — even if you’re an officious Council — and Peter has turned himself into a walking ad for his cafe’s $9.90 bacon and eggs.

He’s even walked through the entrance to the new KCDC headquarters, equipped with his specially-made advertising rainjacket, which even  zealous council clerks are unable to ban from the streets.

The trouble began when someone (perhaps a rival cafe owner?) complained to the KCDC about Mr Slight’s habit of walking into the streets with a small signboard advertising Cafe Palm’s $6 scone and coffee deal.

Mr Slight says he did this because he was  keen to attract new business. He and his wife Alice were determined to make a go of their new life on the Coast after many years in the cafe business in Kilbirnie and the Hutt.

They moved to Paraparaumu a year ago and found everybody friendly and helpful — until the Kapiti Coast District Council slapped a ban notice on them.

Mr Slight says they are just small businesspeople trying to make a go of things…and they  thought the council was trying to help people like them. There is, after, all a special council pamphlet aimed at encouraging small business owners. (it’s available in the new offices just behind Mr Slight in the photo).

He says, he and his wife have never had any trouble in Wellington or the Hutt from Council officials. And, he says, the council seems to allow youngsters on the streets with ads for pizzas and fast food.

But following his appearance with the sign extolling the cafe’s $6.00  coffee and sconesCAFE OWNER June  2013 009, the KCDC came down heavily on Mr and Mrs Slight.

A letter from the KCDC’s so-called ‘Ace Team Limited’ says:

“It has come to the attention of Council that non-compliant signage (see right) is being displayed intermittently advertising Cafe Palms within the legal road boundary on Kapiti Road…

“The current signage may only be displayed if resource consent is applied for and granted by Council.

“If the non-compliant signage continues to be displayed within the legal road, Council will pursue enforcement action.”

So Mr Slight had to put his coffee and scone sign into storage. But then he came up with a brainwave — arranging for a specially-illustrated coat to carry his message to passers by. Obviously, locals like it as he’s become something of a ‘Pied Piper,’ with customers following him back to his cafe!






What a bunch of hypocrites ! if one drives around the community, especially the beach areas, not only are signs all over the footpaths but so are tables and seats and sometimes goods for sale.
And you lot voted for these pricks ? at least you could have got some elected officials that like people and communities.

Good on you Peter, does this council think they own all of us? What a crazy world we live in. Your signage is not fixed, and we live in a free society where we can walk the footpaths as much as we like, so as long as you are continually on the move with your signage its no different to driving a car around with signage on that, unless the council thinks its going to have a go at that as well and that would really be interesting to see. Council says, if the signage continues, “Council will pursue enforcement action”. What they forgot to include at the end of this statement as with all Tui ads YEAH RIGHT!