Education Minister Challenged

Greens challenge Hekia Parata over private school funding

If Education Minister Hekia Parata is convinced money is wasted keeping class sizes small, she should instruct private schools to increase their sizes too, says the Green Party.

Ms Parata, the Mana list MP, has increased class sizes, saying education money is better spent elsewhere.

But Green Party education spokesperson Catherine Delahunty says more than $57 million a year in taxpayer funding is given to private schools, such as St Cuthbert’s and Kings College (where Mr Key’s son is educated — Ed). She says: “These schools promote small classes as a great thing for learning.”

No-one wants bigger classes

“Outrage over this policy shows no one wants their children in bigger classes, whether they’re rich or poor.”

Ms Delahunty says:”By allowing these schools to keep their student teacher ratios low, the Government is effectively subsidising lower class sizes for wealthy children.

“As underprivileged children struggle in classes of nearly 30 pupils, wealthy kids have their class sizes capped at half that.

“That is blatantly unfair.”

Vulnerable learners suffer

She says research shows that Māori, Pacific and other vulnerable learners suffer in larger class sizes.

“These children are disproportionately represented in the bottom 20 per cent of achievement levels,” Ms Delahunty adds.

“Ms Parata should look at reducing class sizes for kids who need more teacher time, rather than subsidising low class sizes for those who were always going to do well.

“Outrage over this policy shows no one wants their children in bigger classes, whether they’re rich or poor.” Ms Delahunty says.



It is a bit of a joke having the greens passing comments, haven’t they heard that bible line about not throwing stones?
Over the passed 12 years the New Zealand Green party has been given ample information regarding these times, we have been telling them for years, that this side of peak oil will look a lot different to what it looked like in 2005, now we start the predicted and foretold plunge down the energy/financial cliff.
Instead of telling the truth the green party are pretending this age of austerity is not upon us.
But then they have been pushing the growth based (businesses as usual at all and any cost) savings scam Kiwi Saver, they now say ‘some’ mining is ok, but not coal? Without coal this whole global system stops, something like 80% of the global electrical supply depends on coal, 70% of Kiwi Saver funds are invested in coal based economies. How do the green party expect their Kiwi Saving members to get a pay out in 40 years time, if we don’t keep the electricity flowing, and growing?
And here they are crying about class sizes, surly it would be better to have larger classes than not have any at all?
With what is coming, re peak oil, global economic collapse etc, we have to learn to live with a lot less, maybe parents will become home teachers, as unemployment hits above the 25% mark? (like Spain)
Rather than harp on about the good old days, and how things ‘should be’ it would be nice if we had a political party that told us how things are going to be, and I am not talking the current bunch of road building clowns as being any better than the idiot greens.