Editorial on the TPPA

Untitled‘Tell John Key to release secret TPPA trade text’

From Oxfam campaigns

Oxfam Campaigns say Prime Minister John Key is in Bali leading high profile trade talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), but all of the text is secret.

It says: “The Government says it wants to sign the TPPA by the end of this year and then let the public know what’s in it. That’s not democracy.”

Oxfam also says: “Trade deals have been a source of unprecedented wealth – and unacceptable injustice.

“For New Zealanders, the TPPA could:

  • Open the doors to genetically modified organisms
  • Do away with affordable medicines
  • Compromise your privacy and allow foreign companies to sue our government.

If history is anything to go by, the TPPA will also have grave consequences for millions of vulnerable people in developing countries, says Oxfam Campaigns.

“Our Government wants to keep this text secret until it is too late to change. That’s not right!

“Tell the Government to release the TPPA text – for public and parliamentary examination and debate — before it is signed.

“Visit http://www.itsnotright.org.nz Help spread the petition by sharing it with 5 other people today. “

Since its inception this Government has demonstrated a disdainful attitude to peoples rights. Abolition of democratically elected representatives in order to form an imposed so called super city was a demonstration of this. Selling of the countries assets is a continuation of this born to rule delusion. Likewise the secretive TPPA talks are once again ignoring the people. This government governs not for the people but their rich constituents and their post parliamentary rewards.