Editorial on Biodiversity

Alan T smilingShould we refuse to publish controversial viewpoints?

By Alan Tristram

Our ‘Biodiversity’ series has attracted some serious support and opposition.

The latest from ‘Sam’ says: ‘No wonder your webpage/”news” is independent as any reputable newspaper would not publish such blatant propaganda. I will not be reading any more of your stuff or recommending this to anyone.’

I disagree, Sam.Why? Because I think we go down a dangerous track when we make judgments like this.

Does suppression help?

Jim Hilton has the right to present his argument. If we suppress it, does that do any good?

(It would help incidentally Sam, if you attached your full name to comments. That way everyone is being truly open.)

The Biodiversity series has been critically examined by my associate editor, Roger Childs, who is a former senior secondary school teacher with immense knowledge and commonsense.

The series also comes with the backing of Leslie Clague, a former District Librarian and travel journalist,  who is a highly intelligent person with fine critical  judgement.

He’s not a conspiracy theorist

I don’t think any of us would claim to be expert scientists, nor do we need to be. And Jim Hilton is not a conspiracy theorist.

After all, I note, he  presented his paper to the Nelson Science Society and presumably, as good scientists, they were happy to accept his credentials.

Sam, if you are as concerned as you say you are, why not write us an article and express your views, under your full name, and we’ll be happy to publish it.

Let free debate flourish and a hundred flowers bloom.


Alan- “I disagree, Sam.Why? Because I think we go down a dangerous track when we make judgments like this.”

No, you go down a dangerous path when you fail to publish both sides of what is becoming a contentious and very important issue.
Our native birdlife is at stake here.
You need good articles from those who can give the positive side to 1080 use, with facts and links to the wealth of appropriate studies.
Get a discussion going!
For a start, try publishing the Parliamentary Environmental Commissioner’s report into 1080 use.

Critical thinking is most important IMO, often information we should really know gets lost in politics or agendas IMO
If controversial theories were suppressed we would still be in the stone age.

Hi Alan. this is the first time I’ve come across your website. I just wondered, how many hits do you get a week?

Hello Sue

We are just in the process of remodelling our site, so please ask me this question in a month! Just prior to Xmas we were often getting over 7,000 page hits a day. But we ran into severe tech problems which caused us to lose hits for a while.
Now, we’re back in business with an improved capability, and hits are once again improving rapidly as can be seen by the comments column!

Best wishes, Alan Tristram, Editor