DoC Spying Confirmed by RNZ

Deceit and deception reported by Checkpoint 

The Department of Conservation has been spying on the anti-1080 poison public using controversial security firm Thompson and Clark, National Radio’s “Checkpoint” recently reported.

The surveillance firm uses secret chat channels to communicate with government departments, and share information about members of the public it’s monitoring for those

The revelation drew strong reaction over the 1080 issue.

Andi Cockroft, co-chairman Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ (CORANZ) said the spying showed the deceit and deception which some bureaucrats indulged in.

Police state tactics

DoC security guards at a 1080 drop near Whitianga

This clearly demonstrates the levels to which the public’s government agencies will stoop to while pushing their abhorrent poisoning programme. Worse still is DOC hiding behind OIA get-out clauses when they could easily release sufficient redacted information to prove or disprove the allegations. Andi Cockroft

Checkpoint under the Official Information Act revealed the Department of Conservation has used Thompson and Clark to monitor anti-1080 activists since October 2016.

Laurie Collins spokesman for the Sporting Hunters Outdoor Trust described the spying as bizarre and dangerous. New Zealand was a democracy not a dictatorship run by bureaucrats.

DoC seem to be in total denial of democracy and that they’re public servants supposedly accountable to the public. They are actually spying on their employers – a sizeable chunk of the people who pay DOC’s bills and salaries. It’s melodramatic nonsense. It smacks of a propaganda war with introduced animal paranoia driving it.

He added it was police state stuff akin to a Third World country.

DoC sharing intelligence

On Checkpoint Bill Wallace, leader of the Ban1080 party currently in recess, said it seemed a beat up to give the department some credibility.

Checkpoint revealed the intelligence was shared with DOC staff via multiple private channels on messaging app Slack. There was also a weekly phone briefing involving senior staff from both organisations. 

But DOC is refusing to release any information or communication from any of the channels.

It is deemed that providing such information may prevent supply of such information in the future and therefore jeopardise the safety of our staff, DOC’s director of safety, Harry Maher, said in an OIA response.

Checkpoint said DOC had spent $103,187 excluding GST with Thompson and Clark since 2015 and paid $3737 per month for the intelligence Thompson and Clark provided about anti-1080 activists – called a risk assessment package.

Harry Maher said DOC staff could be harassed if the intelligence from those channels is released, and it also runs the risk of driving some of the conversations underground, he said.

Prime Minister not impressed

DoC Director General Lou Sanson, needs to heed what the prime minister is saying.

But the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was not impressed with DOC’s furtive spying.

Greenpeace has also alleged it was spied on by Thompson and Clark, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last month warned government departments against using the firm to spy on the public:

Their behaviour around spying and so on is totally inappropriate, she said.

 Doc staff at risk?

Harry Maher said the intelligence gathering was necessary because of threats made by anti-1080 activists who in some cases had threatened to shoot down helicopters.

They’ve threatened to kill our staff and their families, we’ve had physical confrontation, and we’ve had instances of tampering with vehicles, loosening wheel nuts. So we needed a specialist security company to help us with that because we just don’t have the resources or expertise,” Mr Maher said.

Appalling public relations

Whitianga DoC illegally loading 23 tonnes 1080, Whitianga public car park 17 Oct 2017

But allegations of vehicle sabotage and harassment were dismissed in Checkpoint by Bill Wallace.

Their staff aren’t at risk, he said on Checkpoint.

Laurie Collins said DOC’s behaviour was poor public relations. The treatment of three pensioners at a Whitianga 1080 storage was a P.R. disaster for the department.

That and the paranoid squawking by DOC’s director-general over imagined sika deer releases, WARO operations, mega-1080 drops  and now spying, aggravates their already poor public image to their taxpayer employers, he said.


Thank you to all those fighting to get the truth heard.
What a shame a fight has to be had at all.
The Truth not only must be must be listened to and acted on.
Shame on all those hiding the Truth and actively engaging in a war against, not only the Truth of procurement, distribution and devastation of our Environment by the liberal using of 1080, but against every person in New Zealand. For being paid and accepting jobs that destroy our ecosystems, environmental safety and our lives. If you help destroy our waterways, fauna and flora, you risk the health and well-being of all those within New Zealand. You are far worse than a person publicly shooting 50 people praying..that was tragic enough.. but you kill by stealth and are an enemy of our country and all who are in are cowards..greedy senseless are all those in power and the position to stop you but do not.
May the Truth of who you are, who pays you and who benefits from your Treason to New Zealand for financial gains and supposed prestige be exposed, published, broadcast and acted upon by the powers that be and a government that truly believes in every person’s Right to clean air, clean water and a healthy sustainable environment that brings jobs in the form of true and proper pest control, land/water care through education and employment schemes that include hunting, sustainable farming and local traditional knowledge of our Kaitiaki.. those with the knowledge, skills and experience to have our Country survive this onslaught of treasonable offences and can help our country recover and thrive from now on for both our children’s and future generations sake. Stop lying and poisoning our Land and Water for the almighty dollar that doesn’t even exist.. except in digital form. Our world is not digital. Our world is alive. Respect and care for her and each other. Speak up.
For those pro 1080 & working within the misguided belief it is harmless..Drink some 1080 tainted water! You deserve being a labrat if you truly believe in your cause. Any takers?!

DoC is running the World’s Biggest 1080 poison Empire in the entire World,. Right here in NZ. It is illegal, but the changed laws, in order to break them.

Harry Maher and Lou Sanson need to be held account to their ( alleged — Editor) illegal activities. One might assume that the Gestapo has re-risen and we all need to be dreading that knock on the door in the middle of the night! If Lou Sanson wants to become the leader of the SIS then he should apply for the position instead of turning DOC into a covert , spying organization whom gather intelligence and refuse to release it to his actual employers! I say we should all put a huge vote of NO CONFIDENCE
to Jacinda Ahern. We need people like Lou and Harry like a hole in the head!

when are doc going to learn killing our native wildlife is not the way to protect them 1080 drops must be stoped to many negitves when other options are less harmful

We all want clean waterways and rivers, Has anyone ever looked at, studied and recorded the spike in nutrient and bacteria in waterways etc following poison drops? if so, over what length of time? when potentially thousands, hundreds of thousands of carcass decay and leach downhill ,,,,,to, or with water. There is no science monitoring or even looking at this as being a possible cause. WHY???? while i accept some farms are cleaning up , and after watching Q&A today, i am left with the question to what level, I do tend to agree with bloke from federated farmers on Q&A,” that there are many sources for nutrient build ups”, just as councils should be looking at human waste management,and farmers at farm waste leaching :why is no one measuring the nutrient increase after poison operations. The farmers are going to have to destock and, or pay a tax based upon nutrient levels in the waterways and soils, yet they fund the 1080 drops, bloody ironic really!

If the water nutrient was traced , as it now can be, then this would give a true account of the amount of biomass killed in any and all poisoning operations , and clearly show if the waterways are getting more polluted via layer upon layer of seasonal accumulation. Given the current increase in the amount and frequency and types of poisons are being used, and a complete lack of accurate data on numbers of animals ACTUALLY KILLED IN ANY GIVEN AREA, all i can say is glad i am not a farmer

I would really like some proof apart from the ex Government employee who threatened to spike baby formula of all these 1080 terrorists loosening wheel nuts and threatening DoC staff Lou Sanson otherwise shut your trap.

LOU Sanson, Tell the truth— This from Maynard B Chenoweth The rodentcidial uses of the chemical cannot be ignored for such uses are of prime ecological importance .The animal population of a poisoned area may be almost entirely destroyed by sodium fluroacatate and its widespread use in pest control has been the cause of several human fatalaties—————- But Kea deaths from 1080 poison have been proven for over 52 years.
In 1964 Protection Forest workers picked up 4 dead Kea and 8 dead seagulls after a single 1080 drop. The birds tested positive for 1080 poisoning. (M.H.Douglas: Control of Tahr: Evaluation of a Poisoning Technique July 1966).
To find 12 large poisoned birds on foot would indicate the death rate must have been devastating for all the bird species in the area. DoC like to blame the decline in Kea numbers on early bounties “ Kea had numbered in the hundreds of thousands but were devastated when a bounty was paid to kill them because of concerns they attacked stock.” (Press 29/07/08)


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