Diet Column No.3

Kiwifruit and Blueberries
Kiwifruit and Blueberries

How to lose weight —

The 3 ‘E’s Diet – Eating healthily

By Alan Tristram

My wife Helen and I have been ‘fishetarians’ for 35 years now and our weights are pretty much the same as when we started.

So we must be doing something right. And so can you.

What are ‘fishetarians’ – well, we are opposed to all forms of factory farming, including fish farming, and food production which causes unnecessary suffering.

We reckon our diet is about as close as we can get to an ideal, while keeping up an energetic lifestyle.

So how does this diet work?

First, the Do’s !

1.     You can eat lots of vegetables, preferably home grown. Eat as many potatoes as you need to drive away hunger pangs. They can’t do you any harm – and they provide essential calories for all that exercise you’ll be doing. Baked or boiled is best.

2.     Have a small salad with every meal you can. These vegetables will provide vital vitamins and the salad bulk will help fill you up.

3.     Eat as much fruit as you want. Have some boiled or sliced fruit for breakfast, and finish lunch and dinner with fruit if you want it.

4.     Use fruit for snacks, too, instead of fat-laden biscuits or cakes.

5.     Prepare and cook all the meals you possibly can. If you’re very busy, you can still do this by planning ahead, and by pre-preparing meals when required.

Delicious silver beet flan
Delicious silver beet flan

6.     When you prepare one good vegetarian mean (eg a lentil pie) make enough for two meals. Freeze the second portion – and you’ve solved a problem for a particularly busy day in the future.

Now, the Don’ts:

1.     Keep your fat intake, particularly dairy fat, to a minimum. Use trim milk and avoid too much cream or butter.

2.     Use as little sugar as you can get away with. The best thing is to avoid bottled drinks like lemonade or Coke and pre-packaged, and pre-prepared foods. Manufacturers notoriously use large amount s of sugar to ‘sell’ their products, but they don’t benefit you.

3.     Avoid fried foods! Substitute boiled, or roasted or grilled dishes.

4.     Where possible just have a main dish, then finish the meal with fruit.

5.     Avoid fatty in-betweens. Substitute crashers and marmite for cholesterol-laden cakes and muffins.

That’s enough of the Do’s and Don’ts for now. You’ll be getting my main message:

This is to eat as much as you feel like  – but eat the right foods.

Once you combine this with vigorous exercise every day you’ll find you don’t feel like eating poor food. Pre-prepared junk food will make you feel queasy.

Good — preferably organic– food will make you feel good – in your body and in your mind.

In the next article, I’ll look at the 3rd ‘E’, Ethical eating.

And in future articles we’ll consider all aspects of the ‘3 E’s’ way of life.