Did 1080 Poison The Kochumman Family?

Kathy White has followed the case of the Putaruru Indian family, who were poisoned late last year, with some major concerns. She is the Waikato Regional Councillor for Taupo-Rotorua, however what follows are her personal views.

Possum/rodent poison suspected

By Kathy White 

The Kochumman family

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading the medical notes of the Kochumman family who were poisoned through eating wild boar, and my reading has worried me.

Not just because of the vomiting, the inability to speak and the violent convulsions that required the family to be strapped to their hospital beds for weeks.

But because the first working diagnosis by the registrar on the day the family was admitted to hospital was

‘consumption of meat containing poison used for possum/rodent killing? neurotoxin? 1080? strychnine poisoning which can produce a picture of lactic acidosis, nausea, vomiting, altered mental state and convulsions ….  I cannot come up with an alternative pathology for raised lactate. May need to see if the police can test the meat for neurotoxins’.

Trying to cover up an inconvenient truth?

1080 is repeated in the working diagnosis over and over again by different doctors over the weeks that the family was unconscious.

Blood and urine samples had been taken. The curry that had been consumed had been given to the Medical Officer of Health, so why did no-one test for 1080?

Instead a botulism antitoxin was quickly administered and the media was told that it was working.

Does “working” mean the patients’ condition worsened? Because it did in fact worsen in almost all respects.

A doctor said one patient’s condition had been worsening for 6/7 days. His inflammatory markers were sky high, his CK (creatine kinase) reaching 5000.

The ADDS system confirmed the patient’s deteriorating condition. Clearly my understanding of the “botulism antitoxin working” is different to that of the DHB.

Many people, including the international Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advised that this wasn’t likely to be botulism.

Doctors kept recording 1080 poison in the working diagnosis, but 1080 tests were not done on the food, on the patients’ vomit, stomach contents, or blood.

Testing for 1080 left until it was too late

Finally, the patients’ urine was tested for 1080, 18 days after hospitalisation.

Possibly coincidentally, the 1080 tests were done a week after the DHB received an Official Information Act request asking for the toxicology results from this case.

Unfortunately the Landcare Research protocol for testing 1080 in urine requires that it be tested within two days of the sample being taken, so the negative result is less than reliable.

The timing of the 1080 test and its lack of compliance with the protocol was not disclosed to the media.

In contrast, full botulism tests were done on the patients and on the food and these all came back negative. So did a range of other tests for substances that were far less likely than 1080.

The government is very involved in the 1080 industry

The New Zealand government owns the factory that manufactures 1080 baits for pest control. Government agencies spread these baits aerially and DO NOT remove the poisoned carcasses that are scavenged by wild pigs.

We have a duty of care, to not only do pest control in a way that minimises harm to the food chain, but also to put people’s welfare first. One pest control company in Indianapolis follows sustainable way of controlling the outbreak of pests and we have tried to take inspiration from them for the job.

The least we can do is test for 1080 when people are convulsing on a hospital bed and doctors agree that the symptoms indicate 1080 poisoning.

Look at the medical notes, and decide for yourself in the video called DHB cover up – Politics before patient welfare for wild boar poisoned family. https://youtu.be/j6i4pZ5RYI4

Wild TV have an interview with the family which includes medical notes and input from the families lawyer

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Your story provided a brilliant transparent concept. (Edited)

Since DOC was ‘invented’ in 1987 it – and all Minister of Conservation and all Ministers for the Environment have destroyed both our natural environment and our endemic wildlife – well supported by Regional, City, District Councils, Conservation Boards, NZ Fish & Game Council and 3,000 Quango’s.

Zillions of articles, books and mountains of other publications have detailed what is a WORLD DISASTER, but no bureaucrat takes any notice.

The result being that New Zealand is destined to be an outstanding example of an insane bureaucracy and one that has placed no value on what was once a quality environment that contained numerous endemic bird & animal species!

Brother!!!! Do I smell a large rat here!!!!!

Numerous medical Dr’s mentioning 1080 poison in every report & then the Govt controlled propaganda ( WELL financed with our tax $’s!!) goes into action. Typical.
Leave it in limbo long enough so that any testing for 1080 involvement is null & void. VERY CLEVER!!!!!

Standard operating procedure. The Govt has had many years of practice with these deceitful ploys. They waited for the deaths of most of the Navy personnel
who were commanded to watch the atmospheric nuclear tests up in the pacific in the 50’s before paying the few survivors a pittance & the same with the Agent Orange contaminated NZ troops ex Viet Nam!!!!!!

NO conscience required to be an MP!!!!!!!!!!!

What were the results of strychnine tests and when and how ere there conducted?

Graham A. Sperry