Diary Of A Journalist– By Sean Fintan O’Toole

Sean Fintan O’Toole reports it’s a tough job being a journalist because he’s continually working with paid liars  — i.e. politicians.

Sean says:’Perhaps it’s unfair, but having this thought in the back of my mind does help me put up with them.

‘Anyway, I’m asking two leading Kāpiti politicians to name just two worthwhile things they’ve achieved in the past three years.

‘This is an open letter to Kāpiti Mayor K Gurunathan and Regional Councillor Penny Gaylor.

The rules are:

  • Please answer the questions
  • Point to something concrete achieved for locals
  • No public relations input
  • No abstract blather
  • No fibs

Disastrous under-achievements

‘I also have to point out disastrous under-achievements that have backfired spectacularly.

Penny, I’m thinking of the bus fiasco in the Wellington Region.

Guru, I’m thinking of your Communities Housing Taskforce spectacular lack of attention to its tasks for nearly two years.

Watch this space…

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