@Chris Walker – Anyone who quotes George Carlin has my respect. One of my favorite is: “The status quo sucks.”

As for climate change, in my mind we have found our self in one great false flag event. This is the ‘con of the century’ and Chris you are very right, those who play it right will get rich enough to buy more than just a box set.

You both seem fairly intelligent and un-warped by the manipulation of the press, so you tell me: do you think it is coincidence that while everyone shouts about the Carbon Zero Bill, parliament is passing legislation to for a $300m dollar venture capital bill, to fund foreign investors.


Also thank you Joanne for all those links, I am always interested in a little light reading.

Pedophrasty is an “argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children: nobody has the heart to question the authenticity or source of the reporting. Often done with the aid of pictures.”


You make a few good points yourself Henry. Why don’t we start a political party? Being the general public are so very easy to fool we could make a fortune which would allow me to buy all the box sets I desire.

Seriously I didn’t click with Joan and fire thing but it works doesn’t it. I have to say thank you to Allan for allowing Kapiti residents to communicate as we do here which is a form of democracy in itself. I don’t believe the other two local main media outlets would let us do so on their websites because the olde style media like to control the narrative and won’t stop being that way just because they are online.

Most people who read this will not want to see that the climate change narrative and funding is and has been hijacked by the super rich. It sounds kooky right? That unfortunately doesn’t make it untrue. The idea of Saint Greta is seductive but empty as history will show sooner or later.

Comedian George Carlin put it best when he said, “These people who want to save the world. Don’t worry the world will shake us off like a bad case of fleas”…

Here’s another one for Henry…

There is NO climate emergency!
Nothing gets people moving like a crisis, and the UN and their masters know it. I think of this “Climate Emergency” as a Project Blue Beam style False Flag in which WE are the threat to planet Earth rather than extraterrestrials, and a universal religious savior is replaced with a 16 year old girl.

Hi Chris and Joanne,

As always you both make very good points. Most extremist fear and paranoia is, in fact, manufactured. In the past we have seen many vivid examples of fear and its outcomes (such as the age of McCarthyism) and many examples of failed youth movements (such as the Red Guard and Hitler youth).

Personally I support your views around climate change and believe that there is much more than meets the eye. But really the problem is that the general populous doesn’t actually know whats happening. Everyone assumes everyone else knows. However, ultimately, climate change is either an issue or it is not. So I don’t believe you can claim to be neither denier nor advocate. Those who run the propaganda today have made it now an issue of left and right, unfortunately their is no longer a middle ground (the only logical place to stand in any conflict) and this means that people who care about the environment (but don’t believe the world is going to die) have no place of solace.

Anyhow, whether true or false, I can respect the effort people are putting to attempt to use democracy to change the world. Perhaps they are mis-illusioned in both action and cause, perhaps in neither. It is interesting, however, that people are willing to give effort for a goal but not to research to ensure their goal is real.

(Also ironic that you chose to reference Joan of Arc, in light of the fact that she died by fire…)

“None are more hopelessly inslaved, then those who think themselves free…” – J. Goethe

Personally I feel sorry for those who want to believe in politicians and their machinations and there are so many of them. There are none so blind as those who cannot see.

“Study the past, if you wish to divine the future” – Confucius

Addendum re climate con:
Henry, I don’t bother to deny climate change as a thing. It is either real or it is not. What I deny is the right of the so called
1% (Gore et al) who have hijacked the narrative and funding. Where does all the money go? We don’t know do we but a good guess is into the pockets and bank accounts of the unworthy.


Saint Greta might be flavour of the month with the willingly stupid fairy tale believers but it can’t last. How do you think she can get within five feet of the US President at a UN meeting. Powerful forces back her and they are getting their payday as I write. I don’t deny climate change just the super-rich who have hijacked it for profit. Did you ever notice that those who question things like this and say vaccines are vilified? If these people are right in what they say these would be no need for this tactic but it is always done. You can tell a thing is probably bullshit when politicians start humping the thing.

They say this country has paid many millions for carbon credits. This is the Y2K con of the 21st century. You remember Y2K when all the computers would think it was suddenly the year 1900 and so would disappear up their own rectums. Funnily enough my shitty olde Windows 98 machine was still there working the next day.

This overview will give you an inkling of the carbon con:
Cap And Trade – Carbon Offset – Carbon Footprint – Climate Change – Carbon Scam – Pollution Scam

The public are always being conned because most are too lazy and scared to see it. It is so much easier to believe in bullshit because they think this makes life easier. It will always be like this because of humans lazy nature mentally speaking. I highly recommend any who believe Greta is the new Joan of Arc to immerse themselves in the history of her and her handlers…

I believe the 170,000 or so people who went on strike today for climate action would not agree.

Surely some of them have seen that article. Surely people who claim to be climate scientists have had equal opportunity to read the negatives and hold onto their position despite of the arguments this article presents. Economic factors don’t in anyway disprove sea level rise. However, on the other hand it makes me wonder.

But then again it takes effort to wonder and to think, it is easy to shout and to fight.


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