Demonstrators Are Us,Too — And They Will Grow Unless Jacinda Listens

Editor Alan Tristram went to a demo yesterday and came away a changed man.

He says: I was impressed by the sharing (free food and drinks), by the communal spirit and by the range of ordinary Kiwis making great sacrifices to be there. The conditions looked relatively clean and tidy — the children happy and well looked after. This is the real NZ too!

It is time the PM cast aside her PR folks and got herself engaged.

Disregardilng that great boor Trevor Mallard would help. He has already disgraced himself and Parliament.

My wife Helen and I wandered through the grounds and we treated courteously and helpfully everywhere. And we had our masks.

People I spoke to had travelled long distances to make theri point.

Robin (75) from Marton, had been there several days — and her husband was going to join her.

A young man from Tāranaki had got up at 2am that morning to travel down.

A young immigrant Chinese woman from Auckland made the point she’d seen enough of authoritarian rule.

What should the Government do?

In a word, listen.

Secondly, engage. Get some of the more able MP’s out into the grounds.

These are your people too, remember.

Jacinda Aredern should get a Task Force on to this now. They could invite small groups of protesters into Parliament to talk — and perhaps get action.

The future

The Police are in a bind: If they use strong-arms tactics, I predict more and more protesters will roll into town.

This movement is growing and spreading as we see from protests in other parts of New Zealand.

I had a strange feeling of deja vue – this was like the Greenham Common protests.

John Minto

Veteran protester John Minto puts it is this way: ‘Overwhemintgly it is an expression of frustration and anger at decades of workers struggling at the margins of society.

…’These people have been going backwards economically and socially for 40 years under successive Labour and National governments while the country has been run for the wealthy.’ (Dompost report)

‘The big majority of people at the protest are decent working-class New Zealanders, despite a minority shouting all sorts of derenged things.’

I agree absolutely.

Engage, engage, engage

If Jacinda Arder can empathise with Islamic folks in Christchurch, and elsewere, if she can rush off to the latest trouble spots (Eg:civil defence emergencies), sure she can get off her high horse and talk to her own people.

It’s time for all good people to get out of the Ivory Tower and onto the lawns of Parliament.


My wife and I are fully vaxxed and boosted — and support the health programmes.

But we’re concerned about Labour’s attempts to cast the protesters into outer darkness and get rid of them.

The way out of the rabbit hole

Over the years, and often at great cost, Aotearoa has come out on the right side of protests — think of the Springbok Tour and the anti-nuclear movement.

Now is our chance to add another shining star to this list — dealing fairly and properly with widespead civil disobedience and protest.

We must listen to the message behind the protests.

Good Honest reporting of the situation. Pity the paid for Media should start to wake up that they are on the Wrong Side of History backing a failed Government.

Thank you Alan for this important insight. The protestors have been portrayed as an unruly ramshackle bunch, but such stereotyping follows the government’s carefully orchestrated response—carefully crafted by spin doctors of the highest paid calibre. The protest reflects the growing unease and unacceptance of kiwis, against policies which force people out of their jobs and livelihoods because of a personal choice not to be vaccinated.

Wonderful, thank you for having the passion for people and put people above things and go see for yourself. It’s one thing for media to claim they them the anti Vaxers threatened them.
The centre of science funding the misinformation project NZ investigators whom lobby for funding, and advise government and troll the internet looking for false information, often censoring criticism of their own protected science.

This project set up by Sean Hendy now encapsulates over 200 science influencers and lobbyists crossing all universities.
Many of these investigators such as Michael plank partner with Chinese owned Orion healthcare, whom sell digital healthcare and Covid testing.

Whom then mr plank during this has written untold fear stories in media from the need for digital healthcare and Covid testing.

He also along with his lobbyists mates writes opinion pieces along with other member social scientific of how the protesters are paid by trump or bannon, are white supremacy or fascism etc

Something is very wrong in the land of the long white cloud it’s called crony capitalism.

As Adam Smith said, governments roll is to stop monopoly and regulate the businesses that want to trick government.

Here we have the tricksters rewarded with absolute power, a maybe naive prime minister not aware of history and how dangerous a ministery of truth or tower of babble is.

Until she finds herself face to face with the working class, vaccinated and unvaccinated that run businesses and households and can see a con job.

Nothing is 95 percent effective when it’s 100 percent useless at the first thing it was supposed to be effective at and now the goal post shifts to maybe you have more chance of survival.

Maybe we do, maybe we don’t.

Maybe it would be a good time for apposing experts to debate instead of the misinformation project threatening those whom can appose with cancellation of medical licenses and removal of funding to that university.

The important thing is not understood by all society.
Our once proud and competitive diverse universities are now strangled by a myth of one science wrapped in a complete farce of oh we are the good guys as we are a monopoly to make sure there is diversity.

I hope this part of the puzzle is of interest.

Please google the misinformation project nz and read the annual reports and familiarise yourself of how and why things are so weird and foreign.

The irony

The cause is imported as this model of science media and politics is the Harvard soviet model practised out of Washington.


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