Democracy Is Comin’ To the USA ! Our Song For The New Year.

KIN’s choice for the song to end the year on is…’Democracy is coming to the USA.’

It was sung and recorded live by Leonard Cohen in London in2008.

Leonard Cohen died at his Los Angeles home in November, 2016.

Here’s his song for our New Year! —

Photos: Getty Images

Love the song but how can a country claim to be a Democracy when it works to overthrow elected Governments (thinking Egypt for example) or supports a country that rules over millions of disenfranchised people living in squalor (thinking Israel). If this is Democracy who cares who the ruler is. As for Obama, well he was just business as usual (thinking Yemen and Libya). But Obama did at least show what he thought of Democracy when he flew to the UK on the eve of the Brexit vote and threatened the voters with grievous consequences if they voted to leave.

If only it was 2008 again. Aithough the monster has been ousted, I fear Biden doesn’t quite cut it.


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